Wendell and Vinnie : A TV Review?

First off, I know this is a beauty blog. I know. But I have been thinking about maybe changing it to an entertainment blog... What do you think?

I watched Wendell and Vinnie, the new show on Nick @ Nite, tonight prepared to be dissapointed. I had heard a lot of people's expectations to be "typical" and not original at all. But I beg to differ.

Jerry Trainor is by far my favorite adult actor on Nick. He's the funniest they've got. And he showed off a more college side of him then a middle schooler.

BACK STORY - Vinnie is Wendell's uncle. Wendell's parents passed away six months ago, and Vinnie got custody of him.

The show opens up with Wendell doing homework and Vinnie over the top excited with a box. It turns out he has gotten a lightsaber from Star Wars! He expects Wendell to be intrigued in it, but we see that the 12 year old not only has no interest, he actually has never even seen Star Wars. That is the first of many signs that Wendell is not your ordinary kid.

Vinnie meets a girl (I admit, this is typical. You have to have a female.) She's a new neighbor who is prone to immature guys flirting with her. 

Vinnie also has a sister who doesn't understand why he got custody of Wendell.

(My favorite part of the show is when Wendell is on his laptop, and when Vinnie comes in he slams it shut. Of course, first assumption is that Wendell has been a bad little boy, and for some strange reason, Vinnie is excited about it. We find out that Wendell was in fact creating a scrapbook. Vinnie quote "The next time I see that laptop I want to see boobs!")

Check out this scene from the show! 

My overall rating : a 4 out of 5. I think it's great for Nickelodeon.

What did you think of the show? Are you going to be watching it?

Are you a mature Wendell or a fun-loving Vinnie?

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