Bella Thorne TCA's 2012

Hey gals! I was watching the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday, and my favorite part is the pink carpet. 1. It's Pink. 2. It has the cutest clothed on it. And let me just add the fact that I think this was one of the best carpet looks that I've seen lately.

There are a few people that I absolutely loved this year. I had to narrow it down to my top 5 though.
5. Dani Cimorelli
4. Hayden Panettiere
3. Lauren Cimorelli
2. Victoria Justice
1. Bella Thorne takes the gold! (anyone else watching the Olympics?)

I love Bella's style. It's so different from her characters wardrobe on "Shake it Up" which is too busy for me.
Basically she was wearing an All Saints sequined baby pink body-con skirt and pink-sheer tone blouse. She was wearing Brian Atwood silver shoes as well.

oh yeah...her boyfriend Tristan Klier was with her....I don't know who he is nor do I care
xoxo, Olivia!


Benefit Erase Paste

Hey gals! I mentioned the fact that I got this product in a previous post last week...and I really have been wanting to do a post on this!
The product is Benefit's Erase Paste! I got this at Ulta in the Grab and Go section. I was really excited to get it because I have been wanting to try it out but I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. When I saw that I could get it in a smaller size, I was more than excited. I was ecstatic! I got mine in the shade No. 2 Medium which is a salmon color.

The packaging says that it is a "brightening camouflage for eyes & face". I like this under my eyes to brighten them. I also like this on my eyes as a primer because it decreases oil on your eyes and holds on to eyeshadows. I don't like them on blemishes, but I do love it under the eyes and on the eyes. It's an eye product!

                                                                                         photo courtesy of "He Calls Me "Mara" "

xoxo, Olivia!


About Me Tag

Today I have a tag! I have never done one of these but I'm really excited to! I think that this is a good tag to do since I'm new to all this! I hope that you will do this tag...but I'm going to tag certain people to do this one..so! Leggo...my eggos! Haha, cheesy jokes(:

Me: Olivia

Nicknames:Livi, Livy

Birthday: December 11, 1998

Place of Birth:US
Zodiac Sign:I don't know...

Male or Female: Female

Occupation: Student and Blogger

Residence: US
Screen Name: Olivia


Hair Colour: Light Brown/Dark Blonde 

Hair Length: Shoulder length. asymmetrical

Eye colour: Green/Hazel

Best Feature: smile...after my braces come off!

Height: Like 4'9" Yeah, I'm fun sized!

Braces?: Yes

Glasses?: No

Piercing: Ears. one

Tattoos:not ever in a billiion years.

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: My first best friend is Hannah(: you know her from a previous post!

First Award: The first one that I remember is a writing award. But it only happens in my state so I'm not going to say.
First Sport You Joined: Cheerleading in 1st Grade. Rec dept. all the way baby!

First Real Vacation: Disney World. duh!

First Concert: This is going to sound so lame....my first concert was my sisters band concert when she was in eighth grade. I still haven't been to a real concert yet. #homeschoolproblems


Movie:  There are so many. Elf, The Goonies, Salt, Inception, Disney classics, Up, Tangled, Enchanted, 

TV Show: Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, everything on TLC and HGTV, Keeping up With the Kardashians

Colours: pink. thats it. no other colors!
Song: We Are Young, Lights, Want You Back, every One Direction song, Boyfriend, Where Have You Been
Candy: Reese's, M&M's, Milky Ways

Restaurant: Longhorns, Outback, Olive Garden, and Chick-Fil-A  You don't get better than Christian Chicken!

Store: Charlotte Russe, AE, Ulta

School: I'm home schooled..so  "The Academy of Pajamas"

Book: I Am Number Four...right now. best book. LOVE!


Shoes:  Brown shoes. It's all I have in my closet!


Feeling: Happy and tired

Eating: Nothing

Typing: This

Online: Yeah
Listening To: Want You Back, Cher Lloyd

Thinking About: School starting back. ugh

Wanting: Food

Watching: My computer screen

Wearing: black soffe's and a blue tshirt


Careers in Mind: Editor of Seventeen. If that doesnt work out, Anchor Women on Fox News

Where do you want to live?: I really want to live in New York..but right here with my family is good. I would love to start a family around people I love.

Have you ever:

Ran Away From Home: I almost made it to the end of my driveway...

Broken a bone: No

Got an X-ray: No

Cried When Someone Died: Yes

Cried At School: Yes

Do You Believe In:

God: Yes. He is real and alive!

Miracles: God creates miracles every day in each and every one of our lives! I believe in MIRACLES. Since you came along...

Ghosts: No. except the Holy one.

Aliens: No. I believe in pranks.

Heaven: Yes. I have a house waiting up there right next to my great-grandmother!

Hell:Yes. It's real...but I don't want to ever be there.

Yourself:Most of the time I do. My mind is the hard thing for me to believe in sometimes. I'm working on it though.

okay...every single one of you has to do this. ok?(:

xoxo, Olivia!


Fashion Trends Worth Knowing: Arm Candy*

Hey ladies! Today I am going to be talking about Fashion Trends Worth Knowing. This week I am focusing in on something we have all seen on pinterest, instagram, tumblr, seriously, this stuff is EVERYWHERE! It is going from celebrities to at-home teen bloggers (like myself).
*arm candy. not to be confused with real candy like chocolate which actually sounds really good right now. also we are not talking about a person hanging on your arm like a weirdo
So what is "arm candy"? There is no way that it's candy in the shape of an arm. Trust me, it sounds like it...but it's not. I became familiar with this term by one of my favorite YouTube gurus : Lindsey aka Beautybaby44
here is her blog : http://beautybaby44.blogspot.com/ and you can watch her videos on youtube

One of Lindsey's most famous pieces in my opinion is her rose gold MK watch. She is always wearing it. And I have to say...I love it! Unfortunately I can't afford it..so I will be picking up one in Charming Charlies for 17 bucks.

Basically the term "arm candy" is supposed to be something that you love on your arm. We all love candy...we all love jewelry. Throw it on your arm and it's arm candy! Definitely a trend worth knowing.

xoxo, Olivia!



Hey guys! Welcome to the first post on Life. I figured that I can't have a blog if my readers aren't included in my life. You are my friends and my friends are pretty much the biggest part of my life so...welcome!
Today, my family and I decided to go to this new Mexican restaurant that just opened up a few minutes away from where we live. It's very famous in YouTube land, especially if you watch Akaydoll, and it has a name of "Chipotle".

The first thing, the name. It's so spicy it was kind of ridiculous. I've been to Moe's, Barberitos, On the Border, all of the El this and Sol thats, and I have never tasted something that spicy. And I got the chicken! That leads me to another thing...I had to get chicken. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets ground beef on their tacos all the time. They didn't have it...AT ALL! Come on..what kid is going to want to eat a steak taco? Seriously! And you have to pay for the chips....and they aren't even that good. Honestly....this restaurant needs improvement. It was too loud, it was too crowded.....I don't understand how people can eat there.
Bottom line : never eating there again.


Outfit of the Day 7/27/2012

Hey gals! This week I enjoyed some much needed TLC with my bestfriend at the beach. There was some pool, some cute guys, some sand....and the best part NO SUNBURN! I was very happy about the fact that I got about a shade darker (big improvement for me) and was not red in the face except one time. Cute guys, pool, sunglasses...ah! Too much! My love should be focused on makeup right now. I mean...I'm 13. Come on Olivia, pull yourself together.

Sigh..anyways. My best friend has an iPad which has instagram on it which has the best quality at taking photos. Yet another way to persuade me to get something other than my HP laptop and iPod classic. I'm talking real deal. As white and bulky as it will ever get.

 I went shopping before I went to the beach like any girl would and found this amazing salmon-coral colored blouse with black buttons all the way down and a black peter pan collar from Charlotte Russe. I paired it with a white tank top from Justice, (Yeah, get a life haters. If it fits, I buy it. Life under 5 feet tall is not fun.) and denim shorts from Target. >pronounced:tar-jay  To top it off I went with faux-pearl earrings from CR, a brown chevrony shaped bracelet from American Eagle, and a necklace from...uh...somewhere. I'm not quite sure, but I'm going with Aeropostale. It's old so... For makeup I went with two new products from benefit. Erase Paste Concealer and They're Real Mascara, which both will be in an upcoming blog post.

 this is my best friend Hannah by the way...I thought that his picture was appropriate to introduce her to you(:
With lots of colorful love, Olivia. xoxo<3


Carrie Underwood - 2012 Grammys

This is late..I know. I was thinking about who my favorite celebrity is on red carpets, and after a lot of debating, the wonderful Carrie Underwood found her way into this blog post.
Carrie has a style of classy-meets-modern-meets-gorgeous. She never ceases to please me, where as some people (cough, cough Nicki Minaj) like to go with this i-think-i-will-dress-up-like-a-wizard style that i despise. Carrie keeps it stunningly simple.
At the Grammys this year, (which I know was months ago) the stylist went with a Gomez-Gracia's  long-sleeve backless “Starlet” gown featuring intricately embroidered sequins on tulle.
photo courtesy of http://www.justjared.com/2012/02/12/carrie-underwood-grammys-2012-red-carpet/

 I think the dress flatters this country artists body perfectly. I can't wait till the red carpet gets rolled out again!

With colorful love, Olivia<3


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