Hey guys! Welcome to the first post on Life. I figured that I can't have a blog if my readers aren't included in my life. You are my friends and my friends are pretty much the biggest part of my life so...welcome!
Today, my family and I decided to go to this new Mexican restaurant that just opened up a few minutes away from where we live. It's very famous in YouTube land, especially if you watch Akaydoll, and it has a name of "Chipotle".

The first thing, the name. It's so spicy it was kind of ridiculous. I've been to Moe's, Barberitos, On the Border, all of the El this and Sol thats, and I have never tasted something that spicy. And I got the chicken! That leads me to another thing...I had to get chicken. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets ground beef on their tacos all the time. They didn't have it...AT ALL! Come on..what kid is going to want to eat a steak taco? Seriously! And you have to pay for the chips....and they aren't even that good. Honestly....this restaurant needs improvement. It was too loud, it was too crowded.....I don't understand how people can eat there.
Bottom line : never eating there again.

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