Fashion Trends Worth Knowing: Arm Candy*

Hey ladies! Today I am going to be talking about Fashion Trends Worth Knowing. This week I am focusing in on something we have all seen on pinterest, instagram, tumblr, seriously, this stuff is EVERYWHERE! It is going from celebrities to at-home teen bloggers (like myself).
*arm candy. not to be confused with real candy like chocolate which actually sounds really good right now. also we are not talking about a person hanging on your arm like a weirdo
So what is "arm candy"? There is no way that it's candy in the shape of an arm. Trust me, it sounds like it...but it's not. I became familiar with this term by one of my favorite YouTube gurus : Lindsey aka Beautybaby44
here is her blog : http://beautybaby44.blogspot.com/ and you can watch her videos on youtube

One of Lindsey's most famous pieces in my opinion is her rose gold MK watch. She is always wearing it. And I have to say...I love it! Unfortunately I can't afford it..so I will be picking up one in Charming Charlies for 17 bucks.

Basically the term "arm candy" is supposed to be something that you love on your arm. We all love candy...we all love jewelry. Throw it on your arm and it's arm candy! Definitely a trend worth knowing.

xoxo, Olivia!

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