NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

NYX Soft matte Lip Creams

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Color Coordinated! Today I want to share a great value set from Urban Outfitters from NYX. It is three of the infamous soft matte lip creams!

NYX cosmetics is known for these lip creams. They are "not a lipstick nor a gloss. It is something you have never experienced before."

The three colors in this set are Antwerp, Tokyo, and Addis Ababa. Antwerp is an orange toned pink. Tokyo is a light baby pink, and Addis Ababa is a bright fuchsia.

If you were to buy these individually, it would cost $18, but this set is only $12. You basically get one free.

In each tube there is a dough foot applicator and .69 oz.

Reviews on the NYX website say :

"Love this product. Lasts long and not dry like other long lasting lipsticks."

" This stuff is awesome! They just need more colors!"

This is a great product, and my personal opinion is that it is a great value for only $12. This would be perfect for your Christmas Wish List!

What is your favorite NYX product? Which one do you want to try out? Tell me in the comments!


OPI Nail Polish Week : Day 2

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday, Tuesday, gotta do a hop on Tuesday! Today's OPI Nail Polish color is Funky Dunkey. It is a deep royal purple color. Imagine Massie Block's room, and that is the color.

Like most of the OPI Nail Polishes, this polish goes on opaque, but streaky. It's very clumpy and it takes an hour for it to dry completely or else it is gooey to the touch.

I think it is a great color, but the quality isn't that great.

What is your favorite purple nail polish?


OPI Nail Polish Week : Day 1

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share my new nail polish I got! Big news, I got a camera! I hope you all enjoy my pictures today!

This is "French Quarter for Your Thoughts" by OPI. I got it from my local grocery store for $6. It goes on quite opaque, but streaky. It is a great color for those of you who don't like bright colors.

What is your favorite nail polish brand? Tell me!


How To Overcome Test Anxiety

Hi everyone! Later this afternoon I have two exams, and then I have two tomorrow. I know what you're thinking. "Why do you have to take a test on a Saturday?" When you're home schooled, you apparently don't know the day's of the week.

When I was in public school, I always got stressed about exams. I would either study way too much, or not study at all. Today I want to share my tips on how to stay calm and pass the exam.

Step 1: Listen in class. I know that teachers can be boring at times, and sometimes they repeat themselves. But that's usually really important. The teachers are there to help you, and remember, if you fail, then they have failed as well.

Step 2: Take notes. Don't write them fast and sloppily where you have used 10 sheets of paper for just one period. Instead, take clean, readable notes. If a teacher says something twice, underline it. It's probably going to be on the exam. Also, when you get home, write your notes you took on a different sheet of paper. Writing is the best way to remember something. 

Step 3: Study for your exam. Some teachers are nice enough to give you some sort of a study guide. USE IT. If it is an outline, use your textbook or the computer to help you, and always write down what you don't know from the top of your head. You can also write the questions on a second piece of paper, and try to answer them with no help, just like it will be during an exam. Whatever questions you aren't 100 percent sure of, mark them so you know what to study. 

Step 4 : Stay off of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, even my lovely blog. Social Media is very distracting and what seemed like 10 minutes could be 4 hours that you could have spent studying.

Step 5 : Get plenty of sleep. Drink some water, watch an episode of Full House, and then turn off the TV and go to sleep. Try to clear your mind of the next day. It will make it harder to sleep. Just know that you have been studying and that you will do great on the exam.

Step 6 : Where comfortable clothes. This is not the day to wear your blazer, skinny jeans and heels. If you still want to dress up, stick with flat bottom boots and a cute sweater. And don't forget to factor in the temperature of the classroom. You don't want to be sweating, but you don't want to be shivering either.

Step 7 : Focus on your test and your test only. There are always kids who get done with the exam in 10 minutes. Most of them will fail, one might get a 90. Take all the time you are given. 

Step 8 : Check every answer twice to make sure you are positive it is the answer. Never leave a question blank. If you get it wrong, then it will be marked off. But you might get it right, and that is much better than just a blank white space.

Step 9 : DO NOT STRESS! It's just a test. Yes, your education is important, but as long as you did the best you could, then that's all that matters.

Good luck on testing! I hope you all have a great weekend!


How To : Jean Shirts

How To Wear a Jean Shirt

Hey everyone!Today I wanted to share with you all a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It is a jean shirt. Jean shirts are something that you can wear many different ways, just like jeans. 

Real quickly I want to let you all know that every piece in both outfits is either 50 dollars or less.

The first outfit is perfect for going to school, going shopping, even going to lunch. It is an outfit that is perfect for fall. Keep in mind that you can accesorize any outfit the way you choose.

The second outfit is for more of a brunch like event. It is classy yet the jean shirt dresses it down slightly. You could wear it as a cardigan or sweater to keep you nice and warm for Fall.

What is your favorite way to wear a jean shirt? Let me know down below!


Blog Brunch : Come Have Brunch With Me!

Hi everyone! In August I was introduced to this great group of bloggers who take part in Blog Brunch. It is a monthly Twitter meetup and we talk about everything to do with blogging! One month it may be about Sponsors, where as this month, it is about Staging and Styling!
You can use TweetDeck and make a column using the hashtag #blogbrunch that way you can see what everyone is saying! Make sure you go and follow @blogbrunch as well as @oliviasblog

Come and join me and many other bloggers to talk about this topic!

Hope to see you there! If you come tomorrow, leave a comment or tweet me!



Yay or Nay : Garnier Fructis Removing Wipes

Hey there everyone! In a recent post I told you I had picked up the Garnier Fructis Removing Wipes. I wouldn't say that I am the kind of person to always have makeup remover wipes with me, but when I see them on sale, I will pick them up.

The first thing about these wipes is the packaging. I prefer the lid to snap closed instead of just a sticky kind of closing.

These wipes are good for removing eyeshadow and face makeup, but it was very hard to remove mascara.

These wipes are 5 dollars at your local drugstore!


Olivia's Closet : Week 1

 Hi everyone! Can you believe that it is already October?! Dear Universe, I think you skipped September.

Welcome to Olivia's Closet! Once a week I will share an interesting piece in my wardrobe that has a crazy back story or is something I love to wear. I would love it if you share something with me each week as well!
This week's piece actually does not have a picture by me! (Sorry!) It's from Rack Room's website. These boots happen to be on sale right now! They are by the brand Xappeal and I LOVE them! I always wear these with summer dresses, and now I can wear them with jeans. 

Everyone knows that boots are an essential, but more often than not, companies will add an insane heal, a zipper, studs, or gimmicky things that are not needed. These are not like that at all. They are a simple brown boot with gold hardware and a tiny heel. I don't even know if you can consider it to be a heel because of how small it is. And when it gets close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, are you going to want to walk around in pain, or comfort and style?

Here are the details of these boots:
Material : Faux Leather
Price:Originally $50
Quality:Decent. There is a little bit of tearing, but I have had them for a year and I have worn them over 100 times.

It's funny, one time I wore these and everyone at school asked me why I wear them so much! I don't see anything wrong with wearing something you like a lot, especially if it's just shoes, accesories, or that pair of jeans that makes your legs look killer!
What I want to know : What item do you wear all the time? Why do you like it, and what is your favorite memory from wearing it?

<a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MRSZMHD">Click here to take survey</a>

I would love your feedback!


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