How To Overcome Test Anxiety

Hi everyone! Later this afternoon I have two exams, and then I have two tomorrow. I know what you're thinking. "Why do you have to take a test on a Saturday?" When you're home schooled, you apparently don't know the day's of the week.

When I was in public school, I always got stressed about exams. I would either study way too much, or not study at all. Today I want to share my tips on how to stay calm and pass the exam.

Step 1: Listen in class. I know that teachers can be boring at times, and sometimes they repeat themselves. But that's usually really important. The teachers are there to help you, and remember, if you fail, then they have failed as well.

Step 2: Take notes. Don't write them fast and sloppily where you have used 10 sheets of paper for just one period. Instead, take clean, readable notes. If a teacher says something twice, underline it. It's probably going to be on the exam. Also, when you get home, write your notes you took on a different sheet of paper. Writing is the best way to remember something. 

Step 3: Study for your exam. Some teachers are nice enough to give you some sort of a study guide. USE IT. If it is an outline, use your textbook or the computer to help you, and always write down what you don't know from the top of your head. You can also write the questions on a second piece of paper, and try to answer them with no help, just like it will be during an exam. Whatever questions you aren't 100 percent sure of, mark them so you know what to study. 

Step 4 : Stay off of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, even my lovely blog. Social Media is very distracting and what seemed like 10 minutes could be 4 hours that you could have spent studying.

Step 5 : Get plenty of sleep. Drink some water, watch an episode of Full House, and then turn off the TV and go to sleep. Try to clear your mind of the next day. It will make it harder to sleep. Just know that you have been studying and that you will do great on the exam.

Step 6 : Where comfortable clothes. This is not the day to wear your blazer, skinny jeans and heels. If you still want to dress up, stick with flat bottom boots and a cute sweater. And don't forget to factor in the temperature of the classroom. You don't want to be sweating, but you don't want to be shivering either.

Step 7 : Focus on your test and your test only. There are always kids who get done with the exam in 10 minutes. Most of them will fail, one might get a 90. Take all the time you are given. 

Step 8 : Check every answer twice to make sure you are positive it is the answer. Never leave a question blank. If you get it wrong, then it will be marked off. But you might get it right, and that is much better than just a blank white space.

Step 9 : DO NOT STRESS! It's just a test. Yes, your education is important, but as long as you did the best you could, then that's all that matters.

Good luck on testing! I hope you all have a great weekend!


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