Olivia's Closet : Week 1

 Hi everyone! Can you believe that it is already October?! Dear Universe, I think you skipped September.

Welcome to Olivia's Closet! Once a week I will share an interesting piece in my wardrobe that has a crazy back story or is something I love to wear. I would love it if you share something with me each week as well!
This week's piece actually does not have a picture by me! (Sorry!) It's from Rack Room's website. These boots happen to be on sale right now! They are by the brand Xappeal and I LOVE them! I always wear these with summer dresses, and now I can wear them with jeans. 

Everyone knows that boots are an essential, but more often than not, companies will add an insane heal, a zipper, studs, or gimmicky things that are not needed. These are not like that at all. They are a simple brown boot with gold hardware and a tiny heel. I don't even know if you can consider it to be a heel because of how small it is. And when it gets close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, are you going to want to walk around in pain, or comfort and style?

Here are the details of these boots:
Material : Faux Leather
Price:Originally $50
Quality:Decent. There is a little bit of tearing, but I have had them for a year and I have worn them over 100 times.

It's funny, one time I wore these and everyone at school asked me why I wear them so much! I don't see anything wrong with wearing something you like a lot, especially if it's just shoes, accesories, or that pair of jeans that makes your legs look killer!
What I want to know : What item do you wear all the time? Why do you like it, and what is your favorite memory from wearing it?

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I would love your feedback!

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