How To : Jean Shirts

How To Wear a Jean Shirt

Hey everyone!Today I wanted to share with you all a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It is a jean shirt. Jean shirts are something that you can wear many different ways, just like jeans. 

Real quickly I want to let you all know that every piece in both outfits is either 50 dollars or less.

The first outfit is perfect for going to school, going shopping, even going to lunch. It is an outfit that is perfect for fall. Keep in mind that you can accesorize any outfit the way you choose.

The second outfit is for more of a brunch like event. It is classy yet the jean shirt dresses it down slightly. You could wear it as a cardigan or sweater to keep you nice and warm for Fall.

What is your favorite way to wear a jean shirt? Let me know down below!


  1. i actually own one and i like to put a pair of black (thick material) leggings and wear a pair of black combat boots and since its fall a scarf
    Go check out my september favorites

  2. I'm loving jean shirts as of late and those are super cute outfit ideas for it! :)


  3. Great hints. I love jean shirts but never bought one 'cause it feels so difficult to combine it to anything. Maybe i should try sometime. :)




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