Review and Swatches : Naked 2 Palette

Happy weekend everybody! I know most of you only have a few days left of your break, so I wish you a great second semester!

On to today's blog topic.. I got the Naked 2 Palette for Christmas and I could not be happier. The colors are great and there are man different looks you can create.

The first thing is the packaging. It is a plastic metal tin and has two closures that snap together.

The creaminess of these shadows are superb. They are soft and extremely pigmented.

The palette also comes with a double sided brush. They are synthetic fibers . One side is a flat shader brush, and the other side is a tapered blending brush that I love!

Here are some photos and swatches!


Outfit of the Day -I Got My Pre-New Years Glam On

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my outfit with you all. Me, my sister, and our friend went to go see Les Miserables (pronounced lay mis), and this is what I wore. I wore jeans from American Eagle, boots from Rack Room Shoes, a taupe shirt with diamond shaped, gold sequins, and a scarf from Maurice's. I did my nails:) I am very happy with them. If you want a tutorial on them, let me know in the comments.

What is your favorite part of the outfit?


The Disney Princess Tag

Why hello there everyone. My name is Snow White, and welcome to my housewife blog.

Actually, that's my alter- ego. You know, the whole Hannah Montana thing? Anyways, today I wanted to create a tag. I like making tags, but I never do too well at making them. But today, I caught up on a lot of Disney classics, so this tag is going to be a little different. You are going to answer the questions, and then you will determine what Princess you are!

Question 1 :  Is your hair...
                      A. Red
                      B. Blonde
                      C. Black
                      D. Brown

Question 2 :  Would you rather have a _____ as a pet?
                     A. Fish
                     B. Mouse
                     C. Deer
                     D. Horse

Question 3 : What do you do in your spare time?
                     A. Add to my collection
                     B. Clean up after your siblings
                     C. Clean up after your parents.
                     D. Read

Question 4: How do you like to spend time with your true love?
                    A. Boat Riding?
                    B. Dancing?
                    C. Singing?
                    D. Bird Feeding?

If you answered mostly "A" -- you are most like Ariel.
If you answered mostly "B" -- you are most like Cinderella.
If you answered mostly "C" -- you are most like Snow White.
If you answered mostly "D" -- you are most like Belle.

If you had mixed answers, you are Minnie Mouse. Congratulations.

I Tag:


Emi - Jay Hair Ties : A Review

Happy Saturday! Just 24 days till Christmas! ...and just 10 days till my birthday! I'm going to be 14! (no biggie, wink-wink Meghan! (:  )

I have really been wanting to try the new hair ties from Brandy Melville, but unfortunately I don't live in New York or California and I'm not a huge fan of ordering online, so when I found these in Kinnucan's, I was really excited!

 These are hair ties that do not dent your hair or tear them. I got them in the Pearl Collection, and they were $12. Each pack comes with 5 ties.

The material is a stretchy fabric that is dip dyed and tied in a knot.
 As you can see on the back of this, it says to not get them wet, so make sure you don't wear them in the shower or the pool.

Here are the five ties:

The colors are brown, gray, skin tone, cream, and a very light pink.
Here are some examples of how you can wear these ties.

You can wear them on your wrist like a bracelet...

Or you can wear it in your hair ( I apologize for my disgusting hair!)

I know it is sideways, but Emily and Julianne, the head honchos of Emi - Jay, leave us a little note telling us about the company. It says
"Armed with a dream and inspired by their passion for fashion, Emily and Julianne are two teenagers united by a desire to create quality modern hair ties. These two young entrepreneurs now run an exciting dynamic business alongside their mothers. Emi-Jay beleives that everyone deserves a little luxury and comfort in their lives. Enjoy! xo Emi + Jay."

I really love the personal touch that they give and the great quality of these hair ties!

You can find a store near you to purchase these hair ties online at their site.
You can also follow them @EmiJayInc

Don't forget to follow me @oliviasblog on twitter!

*Emi-Jay did not pay send me these hair ties.

Do you like hair accessories?
What would you be interested in seeing me review?
What are you most excited about for Christmas?


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