Emi - Jay Hair Ties : A Review

Happy Saturday! Just 24 days till Christmas! ...and just 10 days till my birthday! I'm going to be 14! (no biggie, wink-wink Meghan! (:  )

I have really been wanting to try the new hair ties from Brandy Melville, but unfortunately I don't live in New York or California and I'm not a huge fan of ordering online, so when I found these in Kinnucan's, I was really excited!

 These are hair ties that do not dent your hair or tear them. I got them in the Pearl Collection, and they were $12. Each pack comes with 5 ties.

The material is a stretchy fabric that is dip dyed and tied in a knot.
 As you can see on the back of this, it says to not get them wet, so make sure you don't wear them in the shower or the pool.

Here are the five ties:

The colors are brown, gray, skin tone, cream, and a very light pink.
Here are some examples of how you can wear these ties.

You can wear them on your wrist like a bracelet...

Or you can wear it in your hair ( I apologize for my disgusting hair!)

I know it is sideways, but Emily and Julianne, the head honchos of Emi - Jay, leave us a little note telling us about the company. It says
"Armed with a dream and inspired by their passion for fashion, Emily and Julianne are two teenagers united by a desire to create quality modern hair ties. These two young entrepreneurs now run an exciting dynamic business alongside their mothers. Emi-Jay beleives that everyone deserves a little luxury and comfort in their lives. Enjoy! xo Emi + Jay."

I really love the personal touch that they give and the great quality of these hair ties!

You can find a store near you to purchase these hair ties online at their site.
You can also follow them @EmiJayInc

Don't forget to follow me @oliviasblog on twitter!

*Emi-Jay did not pay send me these hair ties.

Do you like hair accessories?
What would you be interested in seeing me review?
What are you most excited about for Christmas?

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