Outfit of the Day -I Got My Pre-New Years Glam On

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my outfit with you all. Me, my sister, and our friend went to go see Les Miserables (pronounced lay mis), and this is what I wore. I wore jeans from American Eagle, boots from Rack Room Shoes, a taupe shirt with diamond shaped, gold sequins, and a scarf from Maurice's. I did my nails:) I am very happy with them. If you want a tutorial on them, let me know in the comments.

What is your favorite part of the outfit?


  1. Most awkward thing ever... My Mom is going to see Les Mis with the mom of this (really nerdy) guy that likes me and I have to go help babysit his little siblings with him.... Home alone... WHEN I also have plans to go somewhere with a bunch of friends that INCLUDES the guy that *I* like. . . .




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