Outfit of the Day 7/27/2012

Hey gals! This week I enjoyed some much needed TLC with my bestfriend at the beach. There was some pool, some cute guys, some sand....and the best part NO SUNBURN! I was very happy about the fact that I got about a shade darker (big improvement for me) and was not red in the face except one time. Cute guys, pool, sunglasses...ah! Too much! My love should be focused on makeup right now. I mean...I'm 13. Come on Olivia, pull yourself together.

Sigh..anyways. My best friend has an iPad which has instagram on it which has the best quality at taking photos. Yet another way to persuade me to get something other than my HP laptop and iPod classic. I'm talking real deal. As white and bulky as it will ever get.

 I went shopping before I went to the beach like any girl would and found this amazing salmon-coral colored blouse with black buttons all the way down and a black peter pan collar from Charlotte Russe. I paired it with a white tank top from Justice, (Yeah, get a life haters. If it fits, I buy it. Life under 5 feet tall is not fun.) and denim shorts from Target. >pronounced:tar-jay  To top it off I went with faux-pearl earrings from CR, a brown chevrony shaped bracelet from American Eagle, and a necklace from...uh...somewhere. I'm not quite sure, but I'm going with Aeropostale. It's old so... For makeup I went with two new products from benefit. Erase Paste Concealer and They're Real Mascara, which both will be in an upcoming blog post.

 this is my best friend Hannah by the way...I thought that his picture was appropriate to introduce her to you(:
With lots of colorful love, Olivia. xoxo<3

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