Vera Bradley Haul Part 1 - Local Boutique

Hey y'all! It's Tuesday here on Color Coordinated, and I have a haul to share with you.

At one of my local boutiques, they sell Vera Bradley items. I had never been in there before today, and I must say, I will definitely be there more often. (I strongly suggest checking the boutiques downtown for sale items and retired patterns.)

The first thing I got was actually a birthday gift for my best friend, shh! Don't tell! (Don't worry, she doesn't even know I blog.) I got her a watch and it was on sale for 75% off! What a steal. This watch was originally $68 and I was able to purchase it for $17. I must say, I am very proud of myself, and I might go back and get the other one. It was in the Make Me Blush pattern.

The packaging is a circular box. It has a plastic screen on the top.
 The pattern is "Suzani".
 The watch rests on a small pillow.
 The watch face is the pattern on the outer edge, with the dashes on the center. (Notice that I did not take the clear sticker on the face, since it is not mine but I still needed to show the item.)
 The band is black with a silver buckle. I have it on the last hole, and it is still a little large.

Do you want to see the rest of this haul? Click here for Part 2.


  1. Uh I want one... Like.. Now.

  2. Ahh the design on it all is so pretty !!! Only problem is I probably would find the watch strap hard to do hahh

    1. It is gorgeous! I always have trouble with watch straps as well. You're not alone!



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