D.I.Y Christmas Smize! Project 1!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new series, D.I.Y Christmas Smize!* This is project 1. Let's kick on Jingle Bells, and haul out some holly!

The project today is very simple, but the other ones are going to be a little more difficult and then as we count down to Christmas, they will get simpler for you last minute gifters.
Monogrammed mug...another dollar store project...cute Christmas presents!                                                                                                                                                                                           Who doesn't like a good coffee mug? And let's be honest, these are the best gifts to give during the cold season. It reminds them that it's time to poor the hot chocolate, or get you some coffee!
All you have to do is get a plain coffee mug ( you can find one here ), a ribbon of your color preference, some stencils ( you can find some super cute ones here ) and some paint with a paint brush.

This is pretty self explanatory, but you want to take the stencil and place it on the mug. ( You can either put their initials, their name, or you can write a funny nickname!) Next, take your paint and paint over it.

After you have let the paint dry, ( I suggest doing this overnight) take your ribbon, wrap it around the top of the mug, and leave about 4 inches off. Cut it, tie it, and then glue the back of the bow onto the mug. After that, snip off the edges, and voila! The best Christmas present! You can even make these with a school name or a heart or something, and sell them and make some Christmas money!


P.S. Tomorrow, I will posting on my second blog, The King's Daughter on how to Rejoice in the Midst of Suffering. I'm pretty excited about it, and I think you will be to!

Until next time, this has been Olivia, coming to you (not) live from her living room! Happy d.i.y-ing!

* To smile with your eyes!

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