I'm Going Blonde ... er.

Hello everyone. I have decided for my birthday, December 11, I am going to get my hair dyed. I am already blonde, but it is "dishwater blonde" as my mother used to say.

When you have this haircolor, it looks dirty and oily the day after you wash it. Most days I will wash it and 5 hours later it will start to get oily.

I have some pictures of celebrities hair colors and I really like it. I also think I'm might go brunette. Tell me what you think. I need help. I will be asking people on twitter as well.

 This is what my hair used to look like.

That's my dad  and sister in the background...I don't know the other guy.

Oh, and also, I was sunburned, had bangs, my hair was braided, and I had just gotten braces. I
 was in 4th grade.

This is what my hair looks like now >>>>>>>>>
I hate it. It is sort of a Taylor Swift color and I absolutely despise it.

These are the hair colors I am picking from. In case you are wondering, I have green eyes, light to medium to skin, and my veins are sea green (that has something to do with undertones. I'm not sure what though.)

                      1                                                                                                              2

or brunette. I love Sarah Hyland's hair color in this picture.

Which hair color should I go with?

1 comment:

  1. If your green veins show more, then you have warm undertones. I think the first one would look the best on you, but that's just my opinion.





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