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 Guest Blogger of the Thursday:

 Hello all, I am Samantha and I blog over at 3-Oh-1 Grace St..... both physically (aka: that's my address) and in domain name! ha! Anyways, the lovely Olivia asked me to do a blog post while she was gone. And she wanted it to be about fashion or makeup! So I will give me my sparse but best advice I have....which is about skincare!

So what I do twice a day.... Cleanser.

I have been a fan of Eminence now for two or three years! My friend introduced me to the Organic product and when do research for this post I found out a lot of famous people use it too!

I also use a masque!

I use the strawberry rhubarb because it is a good moisturizer. I apply twice a week before bed.

And because I inherited my mom's dark under eye circles I use ...

It's Potent eye care. I just started using this but so far so good!

Other things I try to do...always, always apply sunscreen and moisturize A LOT! That's what prevents wrinkles right?!

Thanks for letting share with you today!

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