And the winners are...

Hey everyone! As you know for about the past two weeks, you all have been able to vote for your favorite beauty and fashion bloggers. I know that everyone wants to know who wins, and I wanted for them all to have a speech made, but unfortunately everyone has been busy. And I completely understand that.

Real quickly I just want to say "HI" to everyone that has joined my blog since I started the awards. I hope you will enjoy my blog and will spread the word.

So, here are the winners..................................................

Best New Blogger! - Taylor and Hannah of "Fearless Fashion of Tomorrow"!
Best Role Model! - Ashley of "Of Thoughts and Things"!
Best Photography - S of "Shamelessly Overdressed"!

Taylor and Hannah actually were able to get me a speech. S never did contact me):

People from all different backgrounds blog about what they're passionate about. With so many differences you may ask what every blogger has in common. Blogging is a form of media that enables you to share your vision with the world. We share this with every other aspiring blogger out there. Being original and sharing your ideas are just part of who are as a blogging community. Bloggers are leaders. Leaders are people that want to see change. The good thing about blogging is that you don't have to wait to be heard. You can be as young or as old as you want and people will listen to your ideas, creativity and passion.
  What makes our blog stand out among the sea of other bloggers? We co-blog. We have different styles and different personalities, that both come together in our blog. We also style our outfits that are wearable, outfits not too eye-catching, but that will still turn heads.
 Blogging and fashion are a passion. We are so happy to show this with the world. And we are overjoyed that our readers like what we do. Overall, we are so thankful to win best new blogger. Thank you for this opportunity Olivia, and a huge thanks to everyone that voted for us. We love you!




  1. Congrats Taylor & Hannah, Ashley & S ! You's really deserved your awards ! xx <3

  2. I love your blog and just started following! It would mean a bunch if you checked out mine and maybe followed back?? :)


  3. Hey :) I awarded your with The Sunshine Award. More details here xx

  4. Love your write-up on blogging...you seem to have a great blog here. I think it would be great if we could follow one another. Let me know what you think?





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