Olivia, You Gotta Help Me!

Hey there lovelies! Haha, it's late at night and I am really hyper. Things happen at 11 pm when you drink Starbucks. It doesn't even have coffee in it. 
I decided that I want to start a Q and A sort of thing. Basically, you can ask me anything. It can be from my opinion of a certain hair product, book, or just help in everyday life. This will be a weekly series, so ask your questions in this post! 
I will only be using the questions in this post, but I will remind you in other posts. I am going to use random.org to get 5 questions for each week, so it's important to put your questions in the comments. The only rules are that 1)The questions must be appropriate. Act as if you were asking them with Jesus sitting next to me. ; 2) You must be following my blog.  ; 3) The question needs to start with "Olivia, You Gotta Help Me!".  If you would prefer for your question to be anonymous, email me at colorcoordinated.olivia@gmail.com   and your question will be anonymous but will still be put into random.org. Ask away! Talk to you all tomorrow for my August Favorites!


p.s. I am going to be redoing my room. My theme is pink antique. (yeah, it rhymes!) I like cream walls, white furniture, and cream and pink accents. I am going for a mature look. My room is fairly small. If you want to know the size go to CarlyCristman's room tour on youtube. I like that look. My room is slightly smaller than that.


  1. Haha like the advice column I posted about yesterday!

    Great minds think alike!

    1. Oh my gosh, I hope you dont think I stole it!(:

  2. Cute idea. Is it like questions we have or questions we wanna ask you? Like example of the first one: Olivia help me I cheated on a test OR the second one: Olivia what's your fav book?

    Little confused! Love the blog though as always.
    Niamh x


    1. That's the beauty of it! It can be either one!



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