Maybelline Lippies(:

Hey everyone! I love Maybelline and it is one of my favorite brands from the drugstore. It is affordable and the quality is amazing. There is a lipstick line that they have and it has some hits and misses. Let's go ahead and get started!
The collection is called the "Color Sensational Lipsticks", and I have them in three shades.
  1. Tigerlily Treat
  2. Twinkle
  3. Designer Pink
Tigerlily treat is a bright pink with blue undertones to help your teeth look whiter. It is creamy and a great color to pair with a neutral.

Next is Twinkle from the pearls collection. I happen to really like this one if you want to take a few extra steps. You have to have really moisturized lips with no dry skin. If you can accomplish that, then this is perfect with a smokey eye.

This last color is Designer Pink, and it is my least favorite. It is a very light color and can make your lips look like they aren't even there at all. I do not suggest this to anyone!
That's all everyone! Thank you for fifteen followers! 

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  1. I love the color of the Tigerlily lipstick! I've never tried anything from Maybelline, but I might have to now!
    P.S. Newest follower :)

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