Bow-tastic A DIY Project

Lately I have been going back to Macbarbie07's video on her bow bracelet. After months and months of laziness..I sat down and made one. And I'm really happy I did because I will be wearing this a lot!

If you want to watch Bethany's video, you can watch it here.

- faux leather, old grocery bag, pillow case or sheets, denim
- hot glue gun
-clasps, clamps, snap buttons, or stud earrings
-thread or yarn

1) Cut out your material into an oval shape that will fit around your wrist.
2) Pinch the material in the middle so that it creates a bow shape.
3) Wrap thread or yarn around the pinched area to secure it.
4) Cut out a small piece of matching material to hide the yarn/thread. Glue the material down.
5) Using snap buttons or a stud earring like I did, glue the stud onto the inside with the needle pointing out. Next, glue the back of the earring onto the other side of the bracelet to let the needle point out. Cut off the remaining needle.

That's it! Bethany's turned out better than mine, but I didn't have any old purses so I used a recyclable grocery bag!

Send me your pictures if you try this out at colorcoordinated.olivia@gmail.com


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  1. This isn't really my style but I can totally see my best friend wearing this. Must send her the link.

  2. Hi Olivia ! Love the bow bracelet ! I tagged / nominated you in my Versatile Blog Award tag ! Here's the link ~ http://daintysprinkles.blogspot.ie/2012/08/versatile-blog-award-tag.html xx :))



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