e.l.f Essential Makeup Brushes : Yay or Nay?

Hi everyone! Because of how the economy is right now, a lot of people are trying to save money. Especially makeup lovers. Places like Sephora can get pretty expensive if you aren't careful. 
One key to makeup is makeup brushes. The application can be completely different depending on which brush you use. Today I am going to talk about e.l.f  Essential Makeup Brushes : Yay or Nay?

If you are like me, you can stick to a few makeup brushes and be happy, and when I heard you could get these brushes for only a dollar each, I did my happy dance! (It's too hard to describe. You have to see it in person!)

So, let's start with the questions:
What is it?
What is the price?
Is the packaging good or bad?
Does it meet up to it's claims?
Is it worth the hype?
What is it?
e.l.f brushes are makeup brushes. Makeup brushes help you apply your makeup better. (good)
What is the price?
The price for a single brush is only $1. (good)
Is the packaging good or bag?
The packaging is basically like a sandwich bag, but better. The actual brush isn't that great though. The glue isn't on there very well because my brush kept wiggling around in the handle. (bad)
Does it meet up to it's claims?
e.l.f. claims that these are the perfect brushes to give you a flawless look. All it did was scratch my face. (bad)
Is it worth the hype?
This question is hard. I think that these are great for begginers, but if you are just wanting to try them out, I would skip them.
What are your favorite makeup brushes? Tell me down below! 

(do you like my new blog layout, or should i change it back? i need advice!)


  1. Not gonna lie... I love Mary Kay brushes...

  2. Hmm...interesting! Thanks for letting us know. I personally use BareMinerals brushes and they're great!

  3. The E.L.F. Studio brushes are better. They cost $3 a peice, except for the Kabuki brush which was $6 but I love using it for my powder. They have black handles. Those are the ones I use.

  4. Gonna be honest- I like the old layout better. This one is pretty cute but it glitches on my iPad :(.

    1. Good...I'm going to be working on it this weekend! expect perfection on Tuesday!



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