My Belief and Religion

Hi everyone! I want to quickly say that this is about my belief and religion. If you think you will get offended by this post, please do not continue. My beliefs are very important to me and I feel like it's important that I share this part of my life with you.

I am a Christian. I was raised in a Baptist church, and at the moment I attend a non-denominational church. A non-denominational church is one that doesn't have a label. It isn't Baptist or Methodist etc. I am very involved in my church since I am homeschooled. It's my favorite place to be because I feel so welcome there.

My dad was the choir minister of the first two churches that I remember. No wonder I love music. If you have ever noticed, Christian and gospel music tends to be longer than other types of music? It's because there is a longer message. One of my favorite hymns is Amazing Grace and my favorite modern day one is My God is Not Dead by Newsboys. 

I know a lot of people who say "I don't have a testimony. I came to know the Lord when I was a little kid."
Just because you were saved when you were 7 doesn't mean you have a relationship with the Lord. You can always talk to someone in your church or talk to a friend about something that you have done that you know is wrong. All you have to do is pray to God that he will forgive you and have mercy. Your testimony doesn't have to be before you "got saved."
I got saved in 2009 at VBS in case you are wondering.

If you have any more questions, please leave them down below.



  1. Even though I'm almost 16, I'm still not saved, yet. I just never felt ready or right. My aunt still tries to convince me, though. I don't feel like it would be sincere if I did it just to make her happy. I still do pray and believe that he has a plan for everything I do. Whenever something happens that doesn't go right, it lets something else happen that is better for me.


  2. I love your blog! And when I read that you were a Christian AND homeschooled (same here!) somehow my mouse kind of drifted over to the follow button and clicked. :) Haha keep blogging!
    Rachelle Marie




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