Halloween Candy Corn Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! I am getting excited for fall, and in the fall, we have Halloween! Today I am going to show you a candy corn eye tutorial!

1. Apply a base to your eyes. You will need 3 different colors. You will need a white, an orange, and a yellow eyeshadow base. Maybelline has a nice orange one, and NYX has a white and a yellow one. Use the white on the inner third, the orange in the middle, and the yellow on the outer corner.

2. Using a white eyeshadow, apply the color to the inner third of your lid, making sure you bring it to the inner corner as well as the inner third of your lower lashline. Using an orange eyeshadow, apply this to over the orange base, as well as the middle of your lower lashline. With a yellow eyeshadow, apply it to the outer corner and outer corner of your lower lashline. Blend any harsh lines in.

3. Next, use a soft brown color in your crease. Blend it in well. Then use an orange, a yellow, and a white eye glitter or pigment over the color eyeshadow to get a sparkly effect.

4. Now use a white eyeshadow to highlight your browbone. Apply black liquid liner to the top lash line, and a black pencil liner to your waterline. 

5. Take a pair of dramatic false lashes and apply them to your top lash line. Use a very black mascara to blend in your natural lashes with the false lashes.

6. Use a fan brush to sweep away any fall out!



  1. LOVE this! Basically... I love anything candy corn related. True story.

  2. Gorgeous make up! I'm following and I hope you can follow me back!




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