Wanna Be On Top?

It's time for ANTM to finally be back! It's cycle 19 and the college girls are fierce. I would never be able to be on ANTM, because I can't be mean to people, and when people are mean to me...it's not good.

 let me just make it clear, this photo has all the girls in it. other than that, I hate the picture.
I've been watching online. This cycle has an interesting twist because social media is now involved in the competition. Personally, I like that. We can see what people are like outside of the frame. We can see how they treat the other girls, and how their personality is.

The models of this cycle are the following:
Kiara Belen : University of California
Yvonne Powless : University of Texas (my favorite so far)
Allyssa Vuelma : Florida State University
Victoria Henley : Liberty University
Kristin Kagay : Florida State College
Leila Goldkuhl : University of Rhode Island
Nastatsia Scott : East Stroudsburg University
Laura James : Paul Smith's College
Brittany Brown : Chandler-Gilbert Community College
 ELIMINATED are the following as of Week 4
Jessie Rabideau : University of Southern California - Episode 2
Darian Ellis : Louisiana State University - Episode 3
Destiny Strudwick : Aveda Institute of Columbus - Episode 4
Maria Tucker : Harvard University : Quit in Episode 3

Who are you rooting for?



  1. This is one of my favourite shows to watch. I don't have sky so I recrd it and watch it when I visit my Nana, but she lives a couple of hours away which is a bummer! I definitely think this looks to be an intriguing season though and will definitely try finding it online! Great shot by the way, I can see how it's your favourite :)


  2. Love love love this show! Great post btw



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